Xmas gifts for newly dating


Guys who enjoy shopping for gifts for their girlfriends are a rare breed.

Whether you create a photo album, calendar, mug or even a pillow with your faces on it, you’re bound to see a smile on your partner’s face with this custom-made gift. Scheduling him or her for a massage, facial, mud bath and/or day at a spa can be just what your partner needs to relax, rejuvenate and refresh for the New Year. Instead of giving a generic item of clothing that could’ve been from his or her great aunt, select something specific that could only come from his or her great boyfriend or girlfriend. Is there a certain gadget, device or accessory that he or she’s had his or her eye on?You don’t have to make a big investment – who knows if things will even work out between you two? On the one hand, she might be happy you know which her favorite store is. – but she’ll surely think of you whenever she wears them. That anxiety gets compounded tenfold when you’re in a new relationship because you might not have the wiggle room to screw up royally and keep her around. Sure, unless you’ve thought up a meaningless gift that’s cheap, corny, or has no connection to her whatsoever.Those gifts leave you looking like an unthoughtful tightwad.Artisanal chocolate packed nicely and a bunch of flowers you picked out yourself are bound to be a success.2. There is no woman that doesn’t like receiving accessories! This post is brought to you by our in house program by coach Sam Ryter, The Orgasm Academy.

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