Write a note on devising validating and testing of algorithm


Analysis of algorithm or performance analysis refers to the task of determining how much computing time and storage an algorithm requires.

An important result of this study is that it allows you to make quantitative judgments about the value of one algorithm over another.

Debugging is the process of executing programs on sample data sets to determine whether results are incorrect if so corrects them.

Performance management is the process of executing a correct program on data sets and measuring the time and space it takes to compute the results.

Once the validity of the method has been shown, a program can be written and a second phase begins.

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When we get the problem, we should first analyse the given problem clearly and then write down some steps on the paper.(2) Validate Algorithm : Once an algorithm is devised , it is necessary to show that it computes the correct answer for all possible legal inputs . The algorithm need not as yet be expressed as a program. The purpose of validation is to assure us that this algorithm will work correctly independently of the issues concerning the programming language it will eventually be written in.

Thus, such guarantees are as useful in practice as worst-case guarantees.

in the worst case (amortized constant time per operation).

Having the most optimal product quality is the primary goal of the test organizations.

With the help of an efficient quality assurance process, test teams attempt to find maximum defects during their testing, thereby ensuring that the client or the end user consuming the product does not see any abnormalities with respect to its functioning in their own computing environment.

Another result is that it allows you to predict whether the software will meet any efficiency constraints that exist.

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