Whos britney spears dating


He said that when the police raided his home in 2003 after combing through the records of a US company hosting child porn sites, his main concern was just that they would read his diaries, featuring dilemmas about which yacht or flash car to splash out on, and think he was ‘a self-obsessed prat’.Asked why he chose not to go to court to declare his innocence, he said he was simply ‘exhausted’ at the time and had been given just half an hour by officers at Kingston police station to decide whether to accept the caution.He came into our lives in January 2006, just a few months after we had married and set up home in Arizona.We both had busy jobs, Christie selling medical equipment while I was a property developer, but she had always planned that, once she had a house of her own, she would also have a dog.We may think that famous people lead perfect lives, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.They have the same problems as the average person, and some stars had to learn how to control their mental problems in order to make it big in Hollywood.

The Gimme More hitmaker flaunted her fantastic figure in a patterned black maxi dress.

Now Mick Jagger may be relieved to hear that Pete Townshend has added quite a different description of the Rolling Stone's manhood in new memoir Who I Am.

According to The Times, Townshend describes Jagger as 'very well-endowed' after clocking him in loose pyjama-style trousers without any underwear in 1969.

In the coming months, Christie really threw herself into being a mum to George.

As well as a photo album, he had a growth chart — we were soon reading it in awe.

Sources confirmed to People magazine that Kaling is expecting her first child.

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