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If the name Owen Pochman doesn’t ring a bell, maybe this will jar the memory: It’s wide right! As this paper’s Mark Purdy wrote that day, “By the time you read these words . Or both, if he’s smart.” But far from hiding under a rock, Pochman is in the public eye again. He has written an autobiography, a self-published 273-page novelty called “I’m Just a Kicker.” This is, of course, an odd thing for Pochman to do.

In his last game with the 49ers, he missed two field goals and booted the overtime kickoff out of bounds to hand the Arizona Cardinals a gift-wrapped victory. Pochman will be either out of job or out of the country.

Fans will also enjoy these TMI facts about Dennis Rodman's sex life and celebrity friends of Rodman (yes, Kim Jong Un is included).

These women come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that Dennis Rodman has either dated or canoodled with.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump is the show's host and executive producer.

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Yeah, there are the Demi Moores of this world, but they’re not quite twice as old as their younger partners; it turns out that it’s rich, powerful men who are more likely to bag themselves gorgeous women.

To reach an age gap of truly massive proportions you’ve got to look to the Hugh Hefners and Donald Trumps out there, as they’re the only ones with enough pulling power to nab someone who’s a celeb in their own right.

So, in relationships both past and present, involving partners dead and alive – read on for the celebs who’ve gone for older men.

Though they are no longer dating, Brande was at the time only 26 years old, and Hugh was 74.

We know it’s nothing strange to see Mr Hefner dating a young beauty, but this one has brains too and has carved a career for herself away from Playboy.

With Valentine’s Day arriving on Saturday, online dating brands have been particularly active in recent weeks in advertising their services to singletons.

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