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Weather Camera Purchase Guide: Weather Cameras, Web Cams, Weather Cams, IP Cameras, Network Cameras, Live Weather Cameras, Weather Camera Reviews, Weather Camera Installation, Weather Camera Software.

The following is a guide to purchasing, installing and maintaining a Weather Cam.

There have been plenty of news stories over the years about pervert hackers spying on women and even kids in their bedrooms.

Sometimes the creeps just watch and other times they use what they see to blackmail their victims.

Network cameras allow you to post your image to the internet without the use of a computer by connecting directly to your network router. Continuous live images and configuration menus can be viewed from anywhere by entering the Web Cams IP address in a web browser.

Network Web Cams also provide ftp (file transfer protocol) client capability, allowing you to automatically upload images to your own website or free hosting services.

The vulnerability they described does not work on Macs built after 2008, but it is likely that similar hacks exist for newer machines.Though Apple's Face Time camera is designed to always illuminate the adjacent green light at the top of the screen, software has been written to separate the camera and light hardware, allowing both illegal -- and legal, the FBI has used similar software in criminal investigations -- ways.While controlling a camera remotely has long been a source of concern to privacy advocates, conventional wisdom said there was at least no way to deactivate the warning light. Marcus Thomas, former assistant director of the FBI’s Operational Technology Division in Quantico, said in a recent story in The Washington Post that the FBI has been able to covertly activate a computer’s camera — without triggering the light that lets users know it is recording — for several years.Weather Cam Hosting Services (Editor's Choice): The Weather Underground Weather provides free hosting services. It is important to place the lens as perpendicular and close to the glass as possible to reduce interior reflections appearing in the image.2. Weather Web Cams are powered by AC adaptors, or preferably, Power Over Ethernet (Po E).Weather features image archiving with a historical calendar, which displays month-long cycles of weather data, current conditions and time lapse movie animation of the day's weather. Po E avoids running seperate outdoor power cables.3. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause some Web Cam images to fade.Plus, your webcam might not be the only camera in your house.

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