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This charming little Victorian town once doubled as the fictional “Hale” in the 1999 Julia Roberts film.More recently, it was voted “America’s Coolest Small Town” in a 2014 online poll.But he was “shocked” when after just three nights, the video showed their new nanny – who came with stellar references -- “completely ignored the babies as they cried in their bouncy chairs.” In addition, he says she left one of their infants unattended on the edge of a changing table.Michael Giordano, vice president of Know Your Nanny, a New Jersey company that sells hundreds of different nanny and “spy” camera options online, says more parents are relying on (or turning to) nanny cams to safe guard their homes.It is important that students begin the year with a correct schedule.

Whenever something happens in the media with a child and a caregiver (like the recent nanny arrest on Staten Island), however, Giordano says business spikes.“I’ve bought a lot of stuff for my [2-year-old] twins over the past two years,” says Manhattan dad Andy Zamfotis.“But the nanny cam was by far the best purchase I ever made for our family.” Zamfotis says when he installed a secret camera in he and his wife’s Chelsea apartment, he never thought he’d find anything on it.Few things get parents riled up like a discussion of nanny cams.And that debate is taking center stage once again following the arrest of a 52-year old Staten Island nanny for allegedly slapping a 5-month old baby in the face – an act that authorities say was caught on on tape.Sometimes you just need to get away from it all – from the stresses at work to the chores you put off at home.

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