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Vintage sewing patterns open up a whole new world of collecting for someone interested in vintage fashion.

Some collect vintage patterns because they want to reproduce the styles of days gone by for their wardrobes.

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I spent 0 that I didn’t have at Agent Provocateur.

Then, 10 days into our affair, I woke up and noticed a stack of DVDs on his Ikea TV console: How had I never noticed those old sheets tacked to his windows as makeshift curtains? Over the course of my dating life, this has been the pattern of most of my “relationships.” I meet someone, fuck them, and then become instantly obsessed. One day I’m dreaming about marrying them; the next, I’m fantasizing about a place to bury them.

The creepy thing is, my sudden, inexplicable disgust always comes out of nowhere.

One of the beauties of receiving a message from a long-forgotten flame is asking yourself what you ever even saw in them in the first place.

It’s like a little helpful reminder from the universe that you have and you’ve got semi-somewhat-better taste.

Although originally posted in 1999, the guide remains pertinent today.

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