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When it comes to dating eye contact is particularly important because it is often the clearest indication if there is a physical attraction and connection.

The reading of body language is an inexact science but you can generally gauge that the date isn’t going too well if they continually drop eye contact and scan the room. If you really want to let your date know you are interested Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible, says ‘the “flick” is one of the most high-impact signals you can send.

The study of body language – or kinesics as it is technically known – has risen in popularity amongst management and business people because they recognise that being able to read more than a person is saying with words places them at a distinct advantage in the business world.

The same is true in personal relationships and mastering the art can give you a distinct advantage when it comes to dating not just because it will help you to read your date better but because understanding body language enables better self-awareness and self-control too.

If you want, you can add a subtle accessory or something to help you stand out.

This could be a pin or a tie that has some fun element to it.

Find out all the secrets involved on flirting with men.

By partnering with a body language expert, Patti Wood, FITNESS brings you simple body language tips to try for yourself in some easy to follow ‘how to’ videos.Watch this video dating tip to see how to flirt with a guy using body language.These secret body language communication tips by body language expert Katia Loisel-Furey and Paul Morris Segal, co-authors of the blockbuster two-sided book "How to Get the Man You Want - How to Get the Woman You Want" will answer your body language questions. To make a lasting impression on employers, you will need to practice body language that projects confidence.No employer wants to hire a candidate who is unsure about his or her own abilities.We have a tendency to lean in towards things or people we like.

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