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The Validation Type property of the Xml Reader Settings object is set to to enforce validation of the XML document by the Create method of the Xml Reader object.

A Validation Event Handler is added to the Xml Reader Settings object to handle any Warning or Error events raised by errors found during the validation process of both the XML document and the schema.

Tree patterns are collected together to form a Schematron schema.

Schematron is a useful and accessible supplement to other schema languages.

An XML Schema can define the data type of certain elements, and even constrain it to within specific lengths or values.

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This paper introduces the Schematron language and the available implementations.Tree patterns, defined as XPath expressions, are used to make assertions, and provide user-centred reports about XML documents.Expressing validation rules using patterns is often easier than defining the same rule using a content model.The first difference between DTD and XML Schema, is namespace awareness; XML Schema is, while DTD is not.Namespace awareness removes the ambiguity that can result in having certain elements and attributes from multiple XML vocabularies, by giving them namespaces that put the element or attribute into context.With XML Schema, independent groups of people can agree on a standard for interchanging data.

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