Validating checkboxes in asp net Free chat cam filipina

In the case someone want to show a collection as a radio/checkbox on the UI (very useful! Switching from radio to checkbox would be a matter of the property at hand if it's IEnumerable or not.I also don't think template-generating multiple inputs is a good idea, but generating proper id attributes for radio buttons and checkboxes is a good idea.

One reason we haven't built that helper is that making the UI reasonably customizable is quite challenging... I'm not sure (yet) but I think the model binder also has problems with flag enum values.

Since there is no built in solution for this in ASP.

NET MVC a common suggestion is to loop through the list in your view and render a checkbox: The ASP.

It is pretty easy to implement required field validation for static case.

Just use the Required Field Validator and set its Control To Validate property to ID of Text Box control.

Attempting to do this inside your View is going to result in a lot of spaghetti, so naturally I created a Html Helper to handle this. We'll initialize the available and selected options inside the constructor but these could easily come from a database etc.

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