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or something, but instead they're treated to a play.They're ushered into a dark studio, and against the backdrop of a messy bedroom, a woman in thick glasses walks up to the microphone and immediately starts making orgasm noises."It's not that that one place was more insidious than other places.But that's just one day that sticks very vividly in my memory. " Kiedis, a muscular young buck with ruggedly handsome features and long, ironing-board-flat hair, had been clean for some time — since August 1st, 1988 — when he turned that memory into song during preproduction for the Chili Peppers' latest album, .

If you want to have sex with Eminem, don't be surprised if he wants to videotape it."*'90s bombshell alert* According to Groupiedirt: "Richard has been known to get romantically involved with women in the music industry, such as ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'arcy, while she was married."According to Groupiedirt: "Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is 'unforgiven' for being a sexual disappointment.nthony Kledis will not disclose the exact location of the bridge."It's downtown," he says warily, gesturing vaguely at a distant spot on the glittering Los Angeles night-scape outside a high-rise Hollywood hotel room. "I don't want people looking for it." Kiedis, the singer and lyricist of the Red Hot chili peppers, has already immortalized the spot in "Under the Bridge," the stark and uncommonly pensive ballad — at least for the usually sex-mad, funked-up Chili Peppers — that unexpectedly drop-kicked the band into the Top Ten. street-gang turf; casual visitors are not suffered gladly.But he's said to be so paranoid about his condom breaking during sex, that he'll change condoms in the middle of a sexual encounter."According to Groupiedirt: "We hear he's quite the dildo connoisseur. When Evan goes back to take his seat, Chad grabs him aggressively and rips his shirt. she thinks.) Soon after their confrontation, Chad takes the stage.

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