Updating windows 7 phone software


Recently Microsoft rolled out the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system.

Nokia announced that this upgrade will be available for their mobile phones during the first three weeks of the February 2013.

I checked if this upgrade is available for my Nokia Lumia 900 and every day I got the same message: “Your phone is up to date.” After three weeks I decided to research if there is an alternative solution for my issue and I found a couple of possible solutions.

Here I’ll describe the most user-friendliest solution which solved my issue.

Have you used Nokia Software Recovery Tool to bring your Lumia back from the dead?

When Windows Phone 8 launched we lost the ability to use Zune as our desktop syncing solution. The replacement apps on Windows 8 and the desktop weren’t a step backwards, they were a stumble.

Slowly but surely, Microsoft has been improving that app.

It offers lots of new features including Cortana, a new digital voice assistant that sounds a good deal more advanced than the i Phone’s Siri.

However, you can’t simply download the software if you’re an average person with, for example, a Nokia Lumia 925 phone.

Now we are coming to the trickiest part of this process.

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