Updating traditional dining room Adult wesites


Designer Nancy Boszhardt shakes it up with a Persian-style banquette in the main entry hall that's upholstered in a large-scale Brunschwig & Fils pattern that's almost folk art.

Called Animal Farm Crewel, the rich brown of its bugs and birds is echoed in the old-fashioned striped stair runner from Patterson, Flynn & Martin.

For a more transitional aesthetic, try a mix of vertically and horizontally arranged books.

Of course, you could go ahead and browse contemporary shops to see what catches your eye, but if you need a little more direction, we have 11 easy tricks for you below.I want her thoughts on how to update my dining room, which is stuck in a time warp — an era of big sideburns and wide lapels. It shows a lot of personality, the story of your life.” Suddenly she’s quiet. I tell her, “See, when DC and I got married and combined our households, and moved into the happy yellow house, our lives fell into place, but our furniture not so much.“The rest of the house is transitional,” I say, using the industry buzzword for a style that bridges traditional and contemporary. ” (I make the sound of screeching breaks.) “It doesn’t flow.” As we speak, she clicks through my pictures. We’ve been updating the other rooms, but the dining room hasn’t changed since the day we moved in.If you want to see the beautiful wood grain showing through, I would recommend applying a separate stain and poly. I love how the piping gives such a finished, tailored feel to the chairs. And it still gives Brennan a place to stack nearly every toy in the immediate vicinity.I love the chairs and I sat in all six to make sure they were sturdy and yep, tight as a drum! But don’t be surprised if you see it again sooner than you think.I recently helped a friend’s mom with some updates to her dining room.

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