Updating the boostmobile motorola i1


Prepaid phones usually consist of simple cell phones or normal feature phones, so we're always pleasantly surprised when a smartphone is made available for prepaid carriers.The Motorola i1 is one such handset--it's the first Google Android phone for , and it's also the first Google Android smartphone to run on Nextel's i DEN network.After the 1 million day wait (that's how long it felt ) I was told when purchasing an upgrade that I would have to pay an activation fee and approx 30 in taxes bring the grand total for a 199.00 phone to 275.00???I wouldn't recommend Boost Mobile if you're looking for freedom from one of the bigger companies because it's a lot of small print.I want to reactivate my b/f's boost mobile phone that he has given me.He has upgraded his phone, how do I go about doing this and what is the best promotional deal(s) for becoming a boost mobile customer. Also, can you turn in your old boost mobile phone to upgrade? Call Boost Mobile about reactivating the phone under your name.

When I moved back to Europe I told boost that I wanted to end my contract and I asked if I could use my phone with another sim card, they told me that I could easily use another sim card. As my phone is Sprint and I don't have the tethering service (which is another rant in and of itself), I decided to buy a mobile hotspot to tide us over - plus, it's good to have backups.

A lock/unlock button rests on top under some rubber-like surface and I would have liked a bit more definition to this.

The ZTE Prestige has a large 5-inch touchscreen and the advanced features of Androidâ„¢ 5.1.

I doubt you will get store credit for returning an old phone.

You typically get a discount on a new phone if you have been with a carrier for 2 years.

It packs some decent features like a 5-megapixel camera and push-to-talk capabilities over the i DEN network but it is nowhere near the top shelf of Android where the Motorola Droid X, EVO 4G and Samsung Galaxy S devices rest.

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