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Read the instructions for each if you're not sure, and choose the one that fits best for you.

The most straightforward way to update your firmware is by using the "system update" feature on the PSP itself.

Fortunately, updating your PSP's firmware is not difficult, though it can be a little confusing at first.Follow the update instructions and let it do its thing.source Place the update file "EBOOT.pbp", inside the following folder on your PSP: PSP/GAME/UPDATE/If it's a PSP Go, place it in the system memory, not on the memory stick.Step 3: Before you copy the file to the Memory Stick Duo, you first need to create a few folders.On the stick, create a folder called PSP, then create a folder inside that called GAME, and finally create a folder inside GAME called UPDATE.Then navigate to the PSP's game menu on the XMB menu and select update.

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