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The public hearing will invite citizens to share their thoughts on the proposed regulations, as well as seven mining-related bills proposed by legislators, including one that would adopt the DEP’s proposed regulations and one that would amend the controversial 2012 metal mining law and have the agency develop regulations with more specific environmental protections.

The Natural Resources Council of Maine is supporting LD 820, a bill introduced by Sen.

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You might avoid that long wait by doing 'rm -rf /var/cache/edb/dep/usr/portage' before doing the emerge --metadata.Finishes the db update in like 40 seconds instead of 5-15 minutes. I've been trying to figure this one out for a few weeks now.Want even faster sync, use the prlock script found here and speed up both DB methods up to 5 times faster: are a few drawbacks to that script though. I switched back to the original setup and the sync took under 2 minutes. (Haven't ignored it) I can't seem to reliably reproduce it yet, but I do see what you mean. Still thinking and debugging.emerge --metadata ==================================== Error: Failed to import module 'portage_db_anydbm.database' File "/usr/lib/portage/pym/portage.py", line 1439, in load_best_module mod = load_mod(best_mod) File "/usr/lib/portage/pym/portage.py", line 145, in load_mod mod = __import__(modname) No module named portage_db_anydbm ==================================== Ahh! you wouldn't need this stuff now, because Portage 2.1 is now stable.March 20 to allow individuals and organizations to weigh in on the Maine Department of Environmental Protection’s third proposal for changing mining regulations under a controversial 2012 law. Following opposition from environmental groups and citizens around the state, the Legislature has twice rejected two versions of rules developed by the DEP under the 2012 law, amid concerns they lacked enough protections.The Legislature is set to vote again this session on whether or not to approve the DEP’s third iteration of proposed regulations, which include some changes aimed at increasing water quality protections from acid-generating waste and other environmental risks of mining.The bill “is much more protective of water quality,” Nick Bennett, a staff scientist with the Natural Resources Council of Maine, said.

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