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Most New Mexico voters do not need to show ID in order to vote in person at the polls or by absentee ballot.Only first-time voters who registered to vote by mail without providing a copy of one of the above will need to present ID upon voting.The acceptable forms of ID include: (1) an original or copy of a current and valid photo identification with or without an address, and if you are at the polls, the address doesn’t need to match your certificate of registration or voter identification card; or (2) an original or copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, student identification card or other government document, including identification issued by an Indian nation, tribe or pueblo, that shows the name and address of the person, and if you are at the polls, the address of which is not required to match the voter’s certificate of registration.Please contact your county clerk if you have questions about whether your specific photo ID or document with a name and address fits within these accepted categories of identification.Updating your voter registration can be done in person at the Bernalillo County Clerk's Office, or the Secretary of State's Office.

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In an impassioned piece for The Washington Post, Scarborough cited Donald Trump’s actions and Republican Party leadership’s silence as the basis of his decision: “The wreckage visited of this man will break the Republican Party into pieces — and lead to the election of independent thinkers no longer tethered to the tired dogmas of the polarized past.When that day mercifully arrives, the two-party duopoly that has strangled American politics for almost two centuries will finally come to an end.And Washington just may begin to work again.” Welcome to the (anti-) party, Scarborough!You are joining the roughly 45 percent of Americans who are abandoning the Democratic and Republican Parties or never joined them in the first place.Not only are our ranks growing, but political scientists and pollsters are finally acknowledging that independents are not apathetic fence-sitters but engaged Americans concerned about how the parties and partisanship are ruining our country. The parties work hard to muffle the impact of this exodus towards independence.Early In Person Early voting at alternate sites begins on the third Saturday before Election Day and runs until the Saturday before the election. Alternate sites may have extended or various hours.

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