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Rails (the gem) does not conform to Semantic Versioning, and therefore the best practice is to explicitly state which version of Rails your application is compatible with in your Gemfile.

You will have to discover which of these dependencies must be updated to allow gem_name to update as well.

This error is produced by changes in infrastructure. Please follow the instructions below to update your Ruby Gems: Now that Ruby Gems 2.6.x has been released, you can manually update to this version.

Download the latest Ruby Gems Please download the file in a directory that you can later point to (eg.

But when my team updates to the latest version of my internal (company specific, private) gem, they don't always want to change any other code in related gems, but just get my internal gem updates.

This would allow them to do this in the most conservative way possible, and make it easier than the process described, which works of course, but is a bit of a pain, particularly when working with internal gems which are updated often to get company specific business logic/functionality. My understanding is that --source is simply for specifying the source (URL or local filesystem) location where any needed gems can be found.

SSL certificates are used on the website, which are obtained from a certificate authority (CA) and generated from a private key, along with its respective signature.

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