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If you’re looking to use Realm from Objective‑C, or from mixed Objective‑C & Swift apps, please see Realm Objective‑C instead.

Realm Objective‑C doesn’t include this file by default because that would force all users of Realm Objective‑C to include the hefty Swift dynamic libraries regardless of whether or not they use Swift in their app!The full changelog is on Git Hub A list of the changes in Spec Flow Runner 1.3 is available here. This means that you can also migrate your project individually, as projects that continue using previous version will to continue to work alongside upgraded projects.Before upgrading to the latest version, ensure you have a backup of your project (either locally or in a source control system). If you are using Spec Flow and want to continue using Spec Flow 1.8 or 1.9, you can choose to only upgrade the Spec Run for Spec Flow 1.9 or Spec Run for Spec Flow 1.8 package.There are many ways from which we can encrypt the configuration section.We can use some encrypted text using some algorithms like SHA1 etc (Online utility to generate key for encryption or decryption).But this involve the overhead of writing code for doing the job encryption and decryption. NET provides some build in protection providers which will be discussed in further sections: Solution: Protected Configuration Provider helps in encrypting the sections of configuration file in order to protect the sensitive information of the application.

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