It requires a number like 21.5 or 0.1 but it fails an 21,5 or 0,1 I don't care actually abouth the seperator since I'm handling it in php, but I can't sent it using Ajax since it's not valide.But I like to keep the type="number" to force mobiledevices to show the num-pad.When you hear someone you love expressing difficult emotions, it's natural to feel uncomfortable and have the impulse to move away from the pain.You might do this by reassuring, giving advice, correcting perceptions, reframing an issue, redirecting attention, telling a story, offering analysis, etc.Next, use keypress instead of change for the event on a textbox.

You can pick from many patterns and colors or even upload your own and make them print your personal scarf, and for a VERY competitive price!So I thought it should be pretty easy just to replace the comma by dot before sending it.But therfore I need to get the value of the inputfield.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Although there are many examples of invalidating environments, all share three characteristics: (1) individual behaviors and communications are rejected as invalid; (2) emotional displays and painful behaviors are met with punishment that is erratically administered and intermittently reinforcing; (3) the environment oversimplifies the ease with which problems may be solved and needs met.The support is terrible so far and anybody buying a HP product should know that it comes loaded with junk and if you clean it off, the support is a complete run-around. It's a HP 210-1100 Mini Windows 7 Starter 32-bit Error Messages saying : Your Windows copy may not be valid.

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