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On June 8, 1892 at the half-mile Worcester [Mass.] Agricultural Fairgrounds an owner/trainer from Boston by the name of Charles E.

Clark put a pair of pneumatic [air-filled] bicycle wheels onto an ordinary sulky frame and brought his horse, Alfred D, out for the race.

Tyre sidewall markings help vehicle owners to distinguish, buy and maintain their tyres.

At first they were just to help distinguish the tyre's maker.

The first decision is whether to excavate a site at all, a question of particular interest when sites are being rapidly destroyed by farming methods and road and town building.

The nature and scale of the undertaking is the next decision.

It is the submerged evidence of an ongoing process.

Erosion continues as the sea reclaims what was hers once more.

Perhaps with our realization that we are merely tenants on this planet called Earth, it becomes an affirmation that we are all part of a much grander plan.

For any questions, consult with the motorcycle manufacturer.

Ever wonder what all those numbers on the sidewall of your tire actually mean?

If the street oriented tires are replaced by the trail oriented tires, the motorcycle’s top speed will then be limited to the speed rating of the trail tires.

A warning sticker advising of the lower speed rating should be affixed to the motorcycle where it is readily visible to the driver.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: extensive excavation, open excavation, open-area excavation CATEGORY: technique DEFINITION: A method of excavation in which the full horizontal extent of a site is cleared and large areas are open while preserving a in the balks between large squares. This method is often used to uncover houses and prehistoric settlement patterns.

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