Tokio hotel dating

In November 2014 Kaulitz blogged about love, labels and his sexuality; Kaulitz has not put a label on his sexual orientation, but offered: "Maybe I'm just about to meet someone who changes my life forever and, if that happens, does it really matter what gender they are?" At the age of ten, the brothers began performing live in Magdeburg, near their hometown, Loitsche.His identical twin brother is Tom Kaulitz, who is older by ten minutes, and he also plays the guitar in the band.

The two allegedly exchanged interactions, Kaulitz using an assumed identity.When Gordon Tr Trouble came for Bill when in late 2008/early 2009 several female stalkers pursued the band relentlessly, even following his twin brother Tom Kaulitz to his parents' home in Germany and attacked the twins' mother.The issue seemed to end after his twin brother Tom allegedly hit one of the stalkers at a gas station in April 2009 and drove off.For only 18 hours, spending 7 hours with guitarist Tom. william moseley is from the movie Narnia ( he plays peter ) taylor lautner is from the movie new moon ( he plays jacob the werewolf ) and i must say that he’s freakin HOT there! ) i actualy pause it just to see him hahahaha ) and yah, we would love to see tom that way! I mean I know if they are dating it will be hard to keep out of the limelight but comeon this could have been avoided, if these are even real pics! I love how they mention her new we give a fuck. (dying inside) I’m actually a Bill girl but this still kills me. I dont pay them (that souns weird : D) for being happy with someone,and they can be ,but please,off camera. And the thing that will kill me the most is I won’t know if she is giving him everything. I personally think that Chantelle was just one of Tom’s latest conquest…a very easy victory for him….that’s all….The kissing-protocoll, recorded to the best of one`s knowledge and belief and with the necessary caution: Chantelle landed with flight SAS 2645 of the Scandinavian Airlines at Monday evening pm at the airport Hamburg. ( movie’s out this november ) but u can see the trailer at youtube. If they were pap pics they would be much clearer than they are. I wish he was still single.whatever.:[ Okay I don’t but I do.. I just want him to be happy with the perfect girl that can be his everything if it’s not me. Even though I’ll be happy for Bill when he gets a girlfriend, when I hear this new, I”ll rip this computer into pieces, burn them, run away from home, screaming, and ding dong every house I see O_O. Chantelle made a statement saying that she didn’t know the paparazzi was following them, come on, that’s so ignorant….At 3 o`clock in the morning they finally “dropped anchor” at the hotel.

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