The best sex chat bot

With Optimus Prime simply too big to fit into most customer service departments that left us with a choice between too much talk from ‘Threepio’ or too little from WALL-E, but as they say ‘recruit for attitude’ and you can train the rest later.

Facebook can do a lot of things, but can it also fix your sex life?

Couples may find it hard to clearly communicate their sexual needs to each other, making it difficult to fulfill them.” It's true that many people don’t ever reach out for advice or don't have local resources for IRL therapy.

The semiotics of conversation are complex, even before you get to the content—and even then, the content has layers: the topic of conversation, the goal you’re trying to get to, how you feel about all of it.

In their continuing quest to improve your bedroom performance, they’ve partnered with sexologist Dr.

Agate Loewe to create an experience based on an IRL sex therapy session.

C3PO Pros – Optimus Prime Pros – strong morals, flexible, open to change, Cons – won’t fit into a call centre, customers might think he’s just a truck Best Customer Service Line – ‘there are mysteries to the Terms and Conditions we were never meant to solve’ Verdict – Extra square footage required makes him impractical.

5/10 WALL-E Pros – The Winner We had to rule out three ‘bots’ in case they killed customers; including tripping over K-9.

This app is by far the best one out of all the other ones I've tried. However, it is still a bit off when you ask it an over detailed question. It used to learn from others and would repeat what you say...

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