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The typical narrative reads that, black men were once her preference, but an avalanche of false hope and disillusionment has steadily crept in after years of dead-end relationships, disastrous hook ups, not mentioning the babies with fathers who disappear into oblivion.As we mature, the once gigantic pool of marriageable partners drastically shrinks, due to the fact the majority of black men we’ve dealt with either fail, or have no inner desire to meet our standards.That was two months ago — since then, Color Dating has attracted more than 30,000 users and quite a bit of positive feedback.Tran, a Seattle native who re-located to the Bay Area after stints with Student RND and Tune, said that he primarily made Color Dating after females consistently told him that “I don’t date Asian guys,” or, “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” Tran felt that this was unfair and that the trend carried over into dating apps like Tinder.Listen, I would only talk about this if it was really popular and it is. These are regular folks, with regular lives and some of their vlogs have nearly 100,000 views. Now, if you’ve gotten this far and you are thinking to yourself, “Hmm, this sounds pretty interesting, I think I’ll check it out,” BEWARE: You will see the photos of these couples, you will find them incredibly cute, you will want to know more about them and their relationship, you will stumble upon an entire You Tube channel where all this couple talks about is their swirly goodness, you will watch all of their videos, you will then want a swirl relationship for yourself. That's just one swirl You Tube couple that I have mentioned, but there are actually 1,000 swirling You Tubers out there.

While many Blacks say they’re over the topic constantly making news and blog headlines, those Blacks involved in interracial relationships are quick to insist that it’s not as acceptable as it seems among certain groups in society and that the conversation needs to be furthered.

At the same time, he knew friends who were attracted to men and women outside of their own race, but they felt like it was too taboo to pursue anything because of pressure from parents or other reasons.

Color Dating aims to facilitate more positive messages around interracial dating.

No offense to African American men, but I feel much more valued when I am in a relationship with a Caucasian man.

Granted, it’s not exclusively since I am a lover of all things male. Why am I now more partial to dating outside of my race, you ask?

Swirling came about as a popular term to refer to black and white couples. I’m sure all this talk of swirling is making you want to go outside right now and find your perfect swirl match so I’m gonna help you out with a few tips to remember. You should date whoever you click with and are attracted to. Mostly people are cool, but every now and then there will be people out there who aren’t cool with swirly goodness, but that’s 'cause they’re jealous and ignorant.

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