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Register via: [email protected] open for registration to MICE organisers interested in hosting events and conferences in Ireland. André will show us how successful experience brands stand out, how they all think in reverse, making their purpose, identity and the desired experience the focus of everything they do.

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Tonight we'll enjoy a gourmet dinner of local specialties followed by an evening of Gaelic tunes. We'll stop to tour the strikingly situated Great Blasket Centre, where we'll get a close-up look at the language, literature, and daily life of a traditional Gaelic Blasket community. Today we'll bid goodbye to Dingle as our bus transports us across the Emerald Isle.

A volunteer based intergenerational orchestra with members ranging in age from 6 to 93 years olds allowing for intergenerational teaching and learning combinations within the universal language of music and the arts. To promotes senior arts, historical learning activities, understanding and creativity between generations. Los Angeles, California, USA A free monthly movie matinee and lunch activity featuring classic films from years gone by from a generation which senior citizens can appreciate.

To promote and support seniors who enjoy going to the theater. Watch Video Home-bound elderly receive a glossy package of art work from the museum’s exhibitions and call in to access the accompanying lecture through a teleconferencing system all to keep home-bound elderly involved in artistic activities. Senior art workshops providing the full experience of visiting museums, discussing artwork, and creating their own artistic forms of expression.

Upon arrival in Kilkenny, we'll meet a local guide for a walking tour of the medieval town center. After a walk through its restored Victorian interiors and extensive parklands, we'll head further back in time with a visit to Glendalough, Ireland's most impressive monastic settlement. This morning we'll take a walking tour through Dublin, learning about its often calamitous history, from the days of Viking raids to the hard centuries of British occupation, to its remarkable literary legacy, to the modern city of today.

Your evening is free for dinner and traditional music in one of the many atmospheric pubs. We'll visit the iconic Round Tower, ruined churches, and the lakes that give Glendalough its name. We'll end at Trinity College for an illuminating look at the remarkable Book of Kells, a jolt of Irish creativity that helped pull Europe out of the Dark Ages. Today we'll drive an hour out of Dublin to one of Europe's premier archaeological sites: the ancient tombs of Brú na Bóinne.

"PHONE BUDDIES FOR HOLLYWOOD'S ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY" PROGRAM Seniors retired from the entertainment industry get friendly phone calls from volunteers currently in the industry.

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