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When you think of taking a holiday in the southern United States, most people would consider a nice beach jaunt in Florida, or somewhere along the Gulf of Mexico.There’s a lot of coastline in the south, but there’s also a lot of gorgeous land, glorious big cities and quaint country towns that are often overlooked.River Street makes for a great place to stroll, catch views of incoming ships and enjoy a number of cafes and restaurants.The 22 squares are also more green places to chill out and catch some fresh air, but if you can’t handle walking anymore then perhaps a ride on a carriage or trolley is in order.Sea levels were more than 200 feet lower than present levels, and the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico shorelines were 100 or more miles seaward of their present locations. Archaeologists recognize sites dating to each subperiod primarily by the presence of distinctive projectile points.

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The late glacial southeastern environment these first peoples encountered was markedly different from today's environment. People may have been present before the Early Paleoindian subperiod, but identifiable remains have not been found in the state, and their recognition anywhere in America is still in its infancy.

For this weekend getaway list, we’ve put together ideas for quick trips that can be taken from Atlanta – a popular, big-city hub in Georgia, and the heart of the South.

Just a 4 hour drive from Atlanta, Savannah is the getaway that provides historical flair.

Known for being “The Hostess City of the South”, the colonial architecture and large historic district dating back to 1773, along with some good old fashioned hospitality, will transport visitors back in time.

The recommendation for tourists is to hit the streets on foot to get the feel of the vibrant downtown area and get first-hand views of the historical landmarks spread about.

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