Slutty logs


I want to go back to my place in Queens to do laundry and pay bills; he bought groceries to make me breakfast tomorrow and feels hurt I want to reschedule. I suck him off until he is close to coming, then he flips me over and comes on my butt. First he uses his hand, then he finishes with a ruler that says (the little lesson). We stop inside a Walgreens and pick out a dark red Essie nail polish. I have a catch a train to my parents’ house in the suburbs in, like, an hour. Am thinking about Boyfriend and our fight on Friday night.

At one point while I’m going down on him he says, “Daddy loves you.” Ick. Once my “punishment spanking” is over, he pulls off those trashy fishnets and I lay on the bed. Michael Fassbender spanking Keira Knightley would be the perfect way to end this perfect day. Boyfriend says he wants to paint my toenails some time.

[ The always engaging Hugh Grant stars as has been pop star Alex Fletcher, who used to be half of superstar duo Po P!

but is not known if at all only as the guy Colin Thompson used to be in a band with – he’s a fictional version of the guy George Michael used to be in Wham! Asked to write a song for a Britney-style current teen idol, Alex somehow ends up asking a young woman he just met to help him out.

This might be the most aggressively he’s ever had sex with me before. My turn for a big O: He pins one arm back and licks my breasts while I rub my vibrator against my clit, fantasizing about being spanked.

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It's only decades later, in the dead of night, that the many artistic failures, visual disasters, and bouts with video dysentery you witnessed back then resurface in your memory, and you have to race to You Tube to prove to yourself that it all had to have been a terrible dream. Here are a dozen very real videos that actually aired on MTV back in the day, neatly organized into the four waking nightmares you had about them.

I’m just a little self-conscious that my Brazilian is growing back in. (Alas, I cannot even afford to in thigh-highs, black lingerie, and red lipstick — his Axis of Evil. He spanks my bare butt through open-bottomed fishnet panties. It gives me a hot little shiver up my spine every time Boyfriend shows his dominance in public.

We walk around So Ho, where he points out a photographer selling a photo of a woman’s bare butt. I see the nippleless bra at Agent Provocateur that I’m giving him for Christmas. I have a feeling he’s going to pounce on me when we get home. I bend over the bed, arching my bottom up in the air. We kiss good-bye as we part for work and he pats me on the butt.

A grand tour of So Ho’s lingerie stores: La Perla, Kiki de Montparnasse, and Agent Provocateur. I have accrued twenty demerits this week, each one punishable by a spanking, for offenses like being messy and teasing him. Then we spend the day walking around the Union Square holiday market before coming home and watching 7 a.m. (I love sitting at my desk at work and thinking about who else got laid that morning.) a.m.

My arms are restrained to the bed and he bangs me missionary-style while he tells me that I’m his.

) Imma joint for my enjoyment I need X amount of dollars, uber X amount of dollars I need Hendrix on my dollars Three Six Mafia bought my collar Play Mancala with the guala Drop some more inside my pocket first Causing [?

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