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Waheguru is a term most often used in Sikhism to refer to God, the Supreme Being or the creator of all the Divine Being [which is claimed to be genderless]. The Gurus’ teaching on the role of women is stated as, “we are conceived and born from women.Woman is our life-long friend and keeps the race going.Why should we despise her, the one who gives birth to great men? The first woman to be remembered in Sikhism is Mata Tripta Ji, the mother of the first and founding guru, Guru Nanak.Well, that still is saying its men that are great because of whom they are and women great only because they can produce great men still sounds like sexism to me.A Sikh (pronounced "Seek") was a follower of the Earth religion known as Sikhism.

"It appears that he is an 'over stayer' and here illegally," conceded Mr Simon Burch, defending, who blamed embarrassment for the man's failure to express remorse or acknowledge the seriousness of the offence.

Judge Barry Berlin sent the defendant to prison and said: "You exploited and took advantage of this boy after gaining his trust through your age and the location.

"You did not know him and did not appreciate the temple CCTV was filming you when you invited him in a grandfatherly way to sit on your lap – but you had no intention of acting as a grandfather to him.

Further, other than in Marla Mc Giver's interpretive artwork, Khan has never been seen wearing a turban, which is another requirement of the Sikh faith.

[1] It is possible, though, to be Sahajdhari (a "slow adopter"), and exempt from the requirement of uncut hair and beard.

So they want to give their own look by cutting hair in different wild styles.

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