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Our ultimate goal is to re-ignite the Passion in each of you.

Misconceptions circulate about what sexual assault is and why it occurs; these beliefs can gravely affect survivors.Mother Rachel Summers described nightmares she’s experiencing about her former husband chasing her and her 7-year-old son, James.“James is always screaming and crying, saying, ‘He’s gonna get me, he’s gonna hurt me,’” Summers explained.“And in the end, there is nothing I can do.”Summers is helpless because she killed son, James Lee Harper III, Jan.We have more news on the Monday morning accident that occurred on 231 South about a mile from Christiana Elementary School. NO BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF CRASH: VEHICLE 1 WAS TRAVELING NB ON US HWY 231.WGNS has confirmed through the Tennessee Highway Patrol that the accident was a fatality. VEHICLE 1 EXITED ROADWAY INTO THE MEDIAN AND RETURNED TO THE ROADWAY.This year we will be celebrating the People that are involved in this movement.

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