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Together with Becky Kilner and John Ewen ( AR.html) (Institute of Zoology, London), I look at begging signals in avian families, predominantly with the Hihi (Notiomystis cincta), a threatened bird from New Zealand (

I am especially interested in mouth colour, and how this may or may not be related to the availability of carotenoids in the diet.

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In the past I have focused on the role of visual and vocal signals for information exchange within families, and how these channels of information might be manipulated.

I am now exploring how exploitation of information and variation in information availability influences coevolution of brood parasites and their hosts, and predators and their prey. (1) Signals and the family Families provide an ideal situation for investigating the evolution of communication.

While carotenoids are important for immune function (as antioxidants), they also provide pigmentation for colourful integuments such as plumage and (potentially) gape colour.

However, animals cannot synthesise carotenoids themselves so access to carotenoid-laden foods may regulate the expression of these signals, making them “honest”.

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