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You may be looking for for the article about his appearance in the Video Game, or his TV Series, Social Game, The Escapists, Assault or Road to Survival counterparts. His youth and somewhat natural positive, humorous attitude frequently kept the survivor group's spirits up, and his loyalty to Rick Grimes and the group made him one of Rick's closest and dependable allies.

You may also be looking for the crew member."Yeah... He was shown always willing to do what was necessary to keep everyone together; even if it put himself in danger.

Meanwhile more than twenty sexual partners have reportedly sought legal representation over fears their alleged threesomes with the couple may emerge in secretly recorded footage.

A road rage motorist is facing jail after being filmed screaming 'I'm going to knock you out' at the BBC's Jeremy Vine before making a gun sign at the Radio 2 star in a video viewed more than half a million times on Facebook.The reaction was totally over the top but it prompted total rage.’The insider claims Mel had Belafonte barred from the backstage area after one furious outburst, prompting him to fly back to the United States. He was never popular because he behaved extremely unpleasantly. A source told The Sun on Sunday at the time: 'Mel seemed OK when she first got into the car but during the journey it gradually became clear something was very wrong.'She was complaining about stomach pains that seemed to grow worse and worse, until she was in agony.She was crying out.'Mel was in so much pain that the driver rushed her straight to hospital.He also retweeted Pearson, who appears to have threatened another cyclist on Twitter, bragging that she will be 'straight back behind the wheel' and adding 'let's up you don't ever infront of my car cah I wouldn't b stopping (SIC)' followed by a smiley emoticon.Pearson was convicted at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court of driving without reasonable consideration for other road users and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.Shanique Syrena Pearson, 22, was found guilty of road rage offences after shouting abuse and threatening Mr Vine in the row on August 26 last year, in Kensington, west London.

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