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If you have additional questions, post them here or PM me. Those are all in white letering on a dark brown laminated-wood backing that covers what appears to be a light to medium-brown walnut type core wood. ) Monterey 49#@28" This one will go to the woods with me the next couple of weeks. Earlier, it wouldn't shoot anything well with a brace below 8.75". I couldn't believe a bow could go from a dog to a gem just by adjusting nocks, but I'll take it. Buzz, I know you don't have to but that Hi-Speed would refinish real nice.I was wondering if anyone can tell me about Damon Howatt. I've got new carbons on the way and plan to make up some heavier arrows for the bow and see how they shoot. The rosewood will darken to a deep reddish brown once you take the old finish off.I know they where bought by Martin Archery and use the same plant to build bows, but when did they start making bows, and where did the name come from, is it two guys last names or is it one guys full name? Joe But then I got lucky and recently bought this 1973 version on **** for cheap as it was a filthy mess. If you do, just remember brazilian rosewood is oily and needs to be sealed before you put the new finish on. Recently, I found a Purple Hart Hunter at a good price. While I am considering doing the work myself, the bow merits professional work. Accordingly, I am looking for information about professional refinishing, names, and contact information. Because of recent publicity there have been a lot of calls requesting testing of animals which have not bitten or exposed anyone, which isn't necessary and itself poses a risk of exposing humans to the virus. sent out this week which provides more details and tips on this subject. of Health Rabies Press Release - April 2, 2014 Sheriff Bill Gilkey announced today that his agency has obtained a MILO Range Classic Mobile Training Simulator to enhance the training capabilities of the Sheriff’s Department and other local agencies.

"Where did the name come from" - From the founder, Damon I just picked a 60# Ventura up and have been stumping with it this passed week and without a doubt one of the finer recurves I have ever shot. keepem sharp Just built this bow rack for some of mine. On the leading face of the lower limb, the bow is marked with a # sign above 49 @28". Below that is amo 60", with the standard Damon Howatt drawn-recurve logo under the amo 60". I lowered the brace height to eight and one-eighth inch and it shot great with both wood and carbon arrows, in weights from 432gr to 525gr. I can probably lower the brace below 8" and still have a smooth, quiet bow. He shot it this year and loved it so this is my way of luring him out to shoot more. He was only 57 years old when it happened." But like Howattman said Damon died in 1964 with 61. I went out and shot my Howatt Hunter before the cold set in. It's my favorite bow but will be gifted to my son for his birthday in January.It is recommended that animals which are believed to be rabid, but have NOT bitten or exposed humans or domestic animals, be put down and buried if possible, therefore minimizing the risk of exposure. The funding for the system was provided through the United States Department of Homeland Security/FEMA and administered through the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management under the Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities Grant.If a suspicious animal HAS bitten someone or a pet then it should be sent for testing. According to Chief Deputy John Foster the MILO Range Classic system uses dry-fire laser equipped simulation weapons to allow instructors to put officers into interactive audio-visual scenarios to simulate real world scenarios and gauge officer performance and identify areas where additional training is needed.Later, in the New Testament, the pigeon was first mentioned during the baptism of Christ where the dove descended as the Holy Spirit, an image now used extensively in Christian art.

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