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A CPOE implementation can be rolled out to different departments gradually, sometimes taking years to complete.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's online CPOE resource lists six steps needed for an ideal CPOE implementation: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, transitioning to operations, and optimization and maintenance after the installation is completed.

No Medicare payment may be made for DHS rendered as a result of a prohibited referral, and an entity must timely refund any amounts collected for DHS performed under a prohibited referral.

Civil money penalties and other remedies may also apply under some circumstances.

If the test found a blockage, the cardiologist advised, the executive should get a stent, a metal tube that slips into the artery and forces it open.

While he was waiting in the emergency department, the executive took out his phone and searched “treatment of coronary artery disease.” He immediately found information from medical journals that said medications, like aspirin and blood-pressure-lowering drugs, should be the first line of treatment.

In Auschwitz, for instance, doctors selected prisoners for death, supervised the killings in the gas chambers and decided when the victims were dead.

the story with the happy ending: At 61, the executive was in excellent health.

His blood pressure was a bit high, but everything else looked good, and he exercised regularly. He went for a brisk post-lunch walk on a cool winter day, and his chest began to hurt.

Before Auschwitz and the other death camps, the Nazis had established a policy of direct medical killing - killing arranged within medical channels, by means of medical decisions, and carried out by doctors and their assistants.

The Nazis called this program ''euthanasia.'' ''Euthanasia,'' in its Greek derivation, means ''good death.'' The word is generally used for actions taken to facilitate the deaths of those who are already dying, and has long been a subject of debate for physicians, moral philosophers and the general public.

All signs suggested that the executive had stable angina—chest pain that occurs when the heart muscle is getting less blood-borne oxygen than it needs, often because an artery is partially blocked.

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