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Photo Odysseas has been operating in Polis Chrysochous and surrounding villages since 1950. The company focuses on the area of photographs and movie making.In 1979, Andreas Georgiou, son of Odysseas, started to run the family business and in 1988 the company A. The company expanded and now they serve customers all over Cyprus.

The largest and most famous monastery on the island whose history goes back to the Byzantine empire, has an excellent museum with relics and a golden icon of the Virgin Mary, allegedly painted by St. Be sure to visit Stavros tis Psokas and the Cyprus mouflon enclosure, an endemic wild sheep which is one of the symbols of Cyprus.

We are a team of 2 creative professionals in Polis.

Our work includes Professional Photography/Videography, Web Design/Development, Mobile Development (Cross-platform or Android) and UI/UX.

The tomb of Stavroupolis is the largest, best preserved and most impressive Macedonian tomb of Thrace.

Located south of the city, in a short distance from the road that leads to Komnina.

The monument has all the basic architectural elements that characterize the Macedonian tombs.

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