Podcasts not updating itunes dating game music cues

It quite literally does not work in any way whatsoever.

I've tried turning syncing on and off, signing in and out of i Cloud, etc.

Why, then, does podcast syncing simply I feel like I must be doing something wrong or am missing a setting somewhere, because if not, I can't believe that podcast syncing is this unreliable.

If your podcast has not appeared within the i Tunes Store after 1 week of submitting your feed, you'll have to open a ticket through support.asking why your podcast was not approved for the store.

When we created the podcast feature we wanted to make sure to that you had the flexibility to set up a podcast to its full potential.

Instead, it grays out the episodes I haven't downloaded and makes me hunt through my podcast subscriptions on My Podcasts or the Unplayed list to find the few episodes that aren't grayed out.

Unless I downloaded recent episodes that sit at the top of the Unplayed list, a good deal of searching is required before I come across a downloaded episode.

For me, the app's serviceability makes it all the more maddening. I am battling to stay below my data cap each month, while also attempting to avoid seeing the "Storage almost full" warning on my i Phone.

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