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Sifiso Lungelo Thabete’s attempt to entertain the crowd as he entered the arena went horribly wrong when he didn’t rotate far enough and landed on his head, breaking his neck.

The incident was caught on camera and footage showed several people coming to his aid after the initial shock of what happened left the audience stunned.

although in a recent poll, 30 per cent of UK users admitted to meeting someone for sex via the site The privacy settings of the site are still a potential issue for some users.

By default, your email address is open and searchable to the world - potentially letting partners know that a spouse might be seeking additional company.

Thabete — who hailed from South Africa — had been playing to the crowd before a contest over the weekend.

He walked out slowly toward the center of the gymnasium before breaking into a trot and waving his arms, encouraging spectators to cheer him on.

Following a whirlwind romance with former NFL tight end Colton Underwood last summer, the gold medalist has split from the ex-football star after six months of dating.

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In his spare time, he is a voracious reader, and participates regularly in local Book Club meetings.Like 50 million other fish in the dating app's sea, he swims the murky waters in search of companionship, if not lasting love. It's easy."Like Jackson, most athletes prefer Instagram for its wealth of intel. '"The cavalier cupid is beside himself with laughter.Badoo is 'not a dating site' - but the social network 'for meeting new people' seems to work rather similarly to one...When he catches their eye, it's his social status or bank balance they see -- because he is, in fact, an NFL lineman.Tonight he's in San Francisco for Super Bowl 50, not for the actual game, which kicks off tomorrow, but to kindle a legit romance, which, to him, is the Big Game. Or Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine ...He ran into the center of the mat and launched into the backflip before hitting his head.

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