On itemupdating

Everytime I need to code an event receiver I always face the problem of what to use in order to get the Changed Values and Original Values of the event Item.

Guess we all know the: Yet, at this moment (the moment right after you add a new document), the Before Properties has no usefull values like it should. So, not only the Update events are fired, when your are adding a new document (because infact the document is already saved), as the Before Properties work diferently from the standard Update action.

A map stores unordered JSON objects accessible via a developer defined key.

Maps can be created, updated, subscribed to and removed via the client Java Script SDK.

Ok, Now I'm sure this was working the other day and I don't think I've changed anything but now it's not working and I can't see anything wrong with the code.

Basically I have a details view with product information in it, when the user clicks edit it goes into edit mode when I change any of the fields and click update it updates but with the old values.

Let’s edit the item as shown below Now specify the Item Price any greater than 0, here we are updating the Product Price as 0.

Since this is an After Event (as explained in one of the earlier post “ This scenario will talk about validating user inputs and terminate the execution as soon as the input value falls outside the valid value range.

Servers wishing to manage these objects can do so via the REST API.

Introduction: In this article i will explain how to Edit List View records, how to Update List View records and how to Cancel List View Update operation. Set List View event property On Item Editing="lv Employee_Item Editing".

The product table is not updating with the new values.

I think the problem is to do with the new values from the textbox not being retrieved.

Description: In previous articles i explained How to bind data to List View control, How to Insert new record from List View Footer Here Container. Now bind Employee data to List View control by using Fill Employee() method. So, when we click on Edit button it will fire On Item Editing event.

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