Nstableview not updating averygoodyear dating websites


when I quit and relaunch the application, the tableview has the new entrie(s).thank you for your suggestions!I am populating the array via NSMutable Array, but I am not sure how can I populate the array via NSArray Controller, since I don't have the instance in my Controller.m class. I have dragged the NSController instance in my tray.Ideally, the array controller should be the object responsible for adding and removing things from its model; you should be using Issuing KVO notices manually should be a last resort.Better is to use KVO-compliant indexed accessor methods to mutate the array.I'd even prefer that to messaging the controller. If you do manually emit KVO-notifications, better to use the array-specific ones Thanks a lot! This means that I am going through my property and getting KVO notifications for my document (which proves that the earlier questioner's problem, that of bypassing the property, is not the problem I'm having).I added statements in my model object class's accessor methods.

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Now I have a Button in the UI which kinda lets the user refresh the data that goes into the array multiple times.

And everytime there is new data in the Array I want to refresh the table View.

Just doing [table View reload Data] after updating the array seems to bring up the beachball.

I have dragged the NSController instance in my tray.

method then starts playing the first sound in the list sequentially.

Typically this binding is created automatically, binding to the sort descriptors of the NSArray Controller of the initially bound NSTable Column.

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