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You want to get to know the person and each have a chance for a fresh start.

Carrying old baggage into a new relationship amounts to clutter.

Within five minutes she told me extremely personal details of her dating disasters, abusive relationship history, financial troubles, fertility challenges and zealous religious views.

After the first 30 seconds, I determined she was a nut ball (an official clinical diagnosis) and was strategizing my exit.

Her rate of self-disclosure was not socially appropriate and made me feel uncomfortable.

I got the feeling this may be why she was not having much success with dating...

Check out our free and paid Singles Events To read more about our Dating Safety Tips click here.We all have boundaries---physical, sexual, financial, informational, etc.We each have a responsibility to set and maintain healthy boundaries in our relationships. They should not be so firm that they prevent intimacy, as in the case where people have emotional walls that were erected after prior relationship trauma.Balance between demonstrating interest and maintaining your composure is best.Another reason people play games is to get something you want that you wouldn’t likely get if you played it straight.Over coffee with my mentor, he vented frustration after a string of disappointing first dates where the women shared far too much baggage about their relationship history.

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