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It truly was my time to come out of hiding and shine!

___________________________________________________________________________ ‎Law Offices of Silky Sahnan‎ Your Personal Dating Game Plan In our speaker spotlight series we take the opportunity to learn more about our guest speaker, Ronnie Joy, The Midlife Dating Coach, with 5 Questions that touch on her life experiences as well as uncover some fun and interesting revelations.

It’s a captivating anthology of 30 heartfelt authors who will capture your interest and inspire your mind and spirit.

My chapter is “Breakdown to Breakthrough.” My shocking discovery of the past and transcendence to a new way of being. I’m thankful for my friends, husband and family for cheering me on and supporting me on the journey of sharing my story.

Having met her second husband on a dating site, Ronnie felt uniquely suited to teach midlife daters how to write a dating profile, meet new people, and become a date magnet.

Through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, speaking events, and wardrobe consults, she guides her clients to feel more confident and courageous when looking for a date online and in person.

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He gave me the phone number of his friend who I'd met on a couple of times at gatherings. He then reciprocated by inviting me to a 3rd of July invite with friends.…Ronnie Joy, a certified life coach, is the type of person who can turn any challenge into a success story.“Several years went by, and I gained my single sea legs,” she said in her bio. __________________________________________________________________________ Watch brief video here. _________________________________________________________________________ In less than 4 hours this book achieved a place on the bestseller list in multiple categories and I’m thrilled to be a co-author.I just think the whole situation is disrespectful to me and her behavior is very inappropriate.He’s letting her do that to me and to our relationship.They met in graduate school and went through some hard times together, so I understand why they stay friends. They talk on the phone 2-3 times a week, meet up for lunch/dinner.

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