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The families then called in paramedics to give the injured kid some professional help, while Damon and wife Luciana Barroso comforted the little girl.The jellyfish attack was a miserable end to an otherwise idyllic vacation that saw the stars’ kids swimming in the sun and riding horses along the sand.You have a girl running along the side of a bus repeatedly trying to get the bus drivers attention to the point where I thought she was going to run into a pole, and she then goes on a one man crusade to get him arrested for something she caused.Since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced their divorce this year – it seems like everyone is “Team Jen,” except for Ben’s BFF Matt Damon.As big a star as Damon is, you don't see rampant split speculation targeting him the way it did his was supposed to shoot in Hawaii but got rerouted to Miami. I don't know how else our paths would've crossed if that didn't happen.If all those things didn't happen."Pal George Clooneycertainly considers himself lucky as well, although "normal" isn't exactly a word people would use to describe his wife, Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin).

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Margaret centers on a 17-year-old New York City high-school student who feels certain that she inadvertently played a role in a traffic accident that has claimed a woman's life. But not even Kimmel, fresh off an exhausting four hours as the master of ceremonies of the Academy Awards, could resist the allure of the Hollywood’s glitziest shindig. on Monday morning, Kimmel held court at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in Beverly Hills, where he made up with his pretend frenemy Matt Damon.A photographer ran over to shoot them — Kimmel put his hands on his hips in mock outrage.In her attempts to set things right she meets with opposition at every step.Torn apart with frustration, she begins emotionally brutalizing her family, her friends, her teachers, and most of all, herself.The Oscar winner met the human rights attorney in Italy, where George, as a vacation-home owner on Lake Como, spends a fair amount of time.

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