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The investigation, Operation Endeavour, has led to the arrest of 17 British “customers”, as well as 29 other international arrests – including 11 people who facilitated the abuse in the Philippines.Three separate investigations into the live streaming of child abuse, all a part of Endeavour, have identified 733 suspects including 139 Britons.Illicit recruiters use student, intern, and exchange program visas to circumvent the Philippine government and destination countries’ regulatory frameworks for foreign workers.

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An estimated 10 million Filipinos work abroad, and a significant number of these migrant workers are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor—predominantly via debt bondage—in the fishing, shipping, construction, education, nursing, and agricultural industries, as well as in domestic work, janitorial service, and other hospitality-related jobs, particularly across the Middle East, Asia, and North America.However, the case swiftly became a window into the nefarious underbelly of impoverished parents' sexually abusing their children to earn extra cash.The problem with the current digital setup is that it is incredibly hard to track down the perpetrators.The problem had grown so much that demand for child webcam sex tourism is "outstripping the supply", Deanna Davy, senior research consultant at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), said at the launch of a new trafficking report in Bangkok.Thailand is a regional hub for the smuggling and trafficking of men, women, and children from poorer neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar.The Virtual Global Taskforce and #We Protect, an initiative by the British government, involves different stakeholders from local governments to non-governmental organizations, in an attempt to approach the issue from all sides.

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