Linux nis not updating map make


When designing a network to use NIS, you must ensure that its performance cost, measured by all users doing "normal" activities, does not exceed its advantages.This chapter explains how to design an NIS network, update and distribute NIS map data, manage multiple NIS domains, and integrate NIS hostname services with the Domain Name Service.If the above commands do not make it clear what your problem is, you might want to consult the NIS files.If a NIS server is doing something incorrect during map distribution, you should look at the /var/yp/Makefile on the NIS server.

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Ideally, NIS streamlines system administration tasks by allowing you to update configuration files on many machines by making changes on a single host.

A server and its clients constitute an NIS "domain." Data files are preprocessed into database files by the Berkeley DB hashing library to improve the efficiency of lookups.

After editing files on the master server, you use make to tell NIS to convert them to their hashed format.

NIS, released by Sun in the 1980s, was the first "prime time" administrative database.

It was originally called the Sun Yellow Pages, but eventually had to be renamed for legal reasons.

As with most config files you should consider making a backup copy of the file before making changes.

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