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Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 10 in number, representing its 5 constituent parishes as listed below (figures in brackets indicate numbers of Guardians if more than one): Berkshire: Binfield (2), Easthampstead (2), Sandhurst (2), Warfield (2), Winkfield with Ascot (2). The population falling within the union at the 1831 census had been 6,980 — ranging from Easthampstead (population 647, and unusual in being the smallest parish in a Union bearing its name) to Binfield (2,145). He asserted that while he was in the infirmary, he had had to wear the same underclothing for six weeks without a change, that there was a shortage of soap, that no night nurse had been on duty since Christmas, and that the master had not carried out the regulations.

The average annual poor-rate expenditure for the period 1832-35 had been £2,700. A committee of inquiry was set up and found that the charges were without foundation.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] A parish workhouse once operated at Binfield, off Rose Hill. The above stone was in front of the old houses pulled down in 1826 while these were erected by the Marquis of Downshire in their stead.

Its location, as the "old workhouse", is shown on the 1881 map below. A local story has it that the clock-tower on top of the houses was donated by a local dignitary.

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