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Fran Tarkenton added to the fire in June of 2009, commenting during a radio interview on 790 The Zone in Atlanta -"We’re playing the Steelers in the Super Bowl in ’75 or ’76, and I’m warming up with my center, Mick Tingelhoff, who’s an eight-time all-pro, Tarkenton said. Later, we found out it that you know, it was Mike Webster and these guys were juiced … This is where he became associated with Bob Hoffman, coach of the team.

Bob was also the owner of the York Barbell Company and published a weight training magazine back in the United States and is renowned in the history of US weightlifting.

She made her debut as a Vegas headliner at Caesars Palace. She's done more TV than we can list, plus the movie, "Bluebeard," with Richard Burton.

In a little while, he will say: "You can't possibly know what it's like until you're sitting in a room with someone and the call comes that he's just been put on waivers and suddenly you see a 260-pound man who was cleaning out L. motorcycle bars with you the night before get down on the floor and start crying." And afterward: "It is, it's totally nuts.

Sports figure(s) involved: Brett Favre Year: 2010 The nerve of Brett fucking Favre.

During his '08 season with the Jets, the old gunslinger allegedly left a string of humiliating voicemails and ridiculously unimpressive dick pics to team sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.

You capsule those grim, sappy communal teachings I most took to heart in my burnt West Texas village about five lives ago.

The rest of the team is made up of dancers and other professional guys I know. And on the road, we ve been known to play on the lawn of the hotel we re staying at.There are times when I wish my name was something else. Joey has worked (and earned) a great deal during the past year.I think here are some people out there who don't take me seriously because of my name. I've been working since I was 13 (she achieved national prominence as a regular on the Perry Como TV Show) and there are a lot of producers here in town who have a paternal attitude toward me. She has played the top clubs such as the Empire Room of the Waldorf in New York. His wife Jody sits a few feet away from him; his 3-year-old son Carter watches cartoons in the other room. In the garage are a yellow Lincoln and a red pickup and blow-up posters of himself making shoestring catches.Favre's moves were especially weird because, by all accounts, Sterger was unreceptive to the quarterback's early advances.

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