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The bearing, tilt, location and zoom level of the map can be controlled programmatically via the object.Changes to the camera will not make any changes to markers, polylines, or other graphics you've added, although you may want to change your additions to fit better with the new view.With each update, Apple Music continues to become a bigger part of i OS.

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Many users felt, though, that the new tools took away from the old-school, analog charm of the original Hipstamatic, which required a basic knowledge of the films and lenses you used and that you got what you shot.

In the east and west direction, the map is repeated infinitely as the world seamlessly wraps around on itself.

In the north and south direction the map is limited to approximately 85 degrees north and 85 degrees south.

The rest of this topic describes how to use the camera to make changes that impact the zoom level, viewport or perspective of the map.

Like Google Maps on the web, the Google Maps SDK for i OS represents the world's surface (a sphere) on your device's screen (a flat plane) using the Mercator projection.

Honestly, I really liked how the two were integrated into the app.

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