Ihc engine dating


Various components may have parts or casting numbers.

Make sure you have actually found the tractor serial number, and not one of these other numbers.

It could not only plow, but was capable of precision work such as cultivating. Equipment is stil manufactured under the Case IH name.

International Harvester's agricultural operations were merged with the J.

Model years versus calendar years Tractors, just like automobiles, are manufactured on a model or production year.

The new production year usually starts around September.

This is an updated version (June 29, 2004) There is little to decode from IH serial numbers.

If you have a table of them, they do identify the time frame a truck was built in, but that is not hidden within the serial number.

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The engine, front axle, and cab may all have their own serial numbers.There were various other prefixes besides SB used for other models–FC’s were Scouts, W’s were Emeryville DCO-405’s, FW’s were the DCO-405’s built at Fort Wayne, and there were more for different models at Fort Wayne in particular.The VIN structure used from 10/65 until the start of the 1973 model production consisted of a 6 digit model code followed by a letter indicating the plant it was built in followed by a 6 digit serial number.1000 Inventions & Discoveries by Roger Bridgman / Hardcover: 256 pages / Dorling Kindersley Publishing; (2002) Fascinating stories and vivid photographs and illustrations tell the tales of the developments in technology and natural science that have shaped our world.Profiles of the famous (and not-so-famous) men and women who have had "Eureka!The M was also available in the MV high-clearance "vegetable version" and the MD diesel.

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