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But most states could not say how frequently abuse investigations involved sexual allegations, often stating that sex abuse allegations are not categorized separately from other forms of abuse.The federal government doesn't specifically track all sexual allegations either.Patients and their families would have to purchase and set up the equipment themselves, and then monitor the footage.In this plan, a patient’s safety is contingent upon their ability to finance and install an expensive surveillance system.Texas has some very specific laws on how to properly install a “granny cam” in a Texas nursing home.

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When one of the patrolmen, David Muniz, turns a corner, Mr. Johnson still refuses to drop the gun, which he is holding at his side.And when states provided a further breakdown of how many allegations had been substantiated, the results demonstrate just how few accusations end up being proven -- whether it's because of the extreme hurdles posed by aging victims, the destruction of evidence or half-hearted investigations by facilities and regulators.Of the 386 cases in Illinois, 59 were considered substantiated.It is a sad fact that too many nursing homes in Texas and the greater Houston area abuse or neglect their vulnerable residents.If you are concerned about the treatment your loved one is receiving in a Texas nursing home then you may have considered using a “granny cam” to find out exactly what is going on when you are not around.Illinois, for example, said 386 allegations of sexual abuse of nursing home residents had been recorded since 2013, 201 of which involved a caretaker.

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