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View the full list There has been much excitement over recent reports that something found in a cave in Gibraltar is the first known example of Neanderthal art.

They are of uneven depth and their appearance is similar to that of the hashtag mark (#) familiar to Twitter users.

) and an early species of human occupied the cave site of Cueva Victoria in southeastern Spain.

Jyske Bank A/S was founded on 7 July 1967 following the merger of four banks in Central Jutland. Read more about Jyske Bank's history at (in Danish) eller investor.(in English) Copenhagen The Copenhagen office was opened in 1966 by Finansbanken and taken over by Jyske Bank in 1981.

Hamburg For 25 years, Jyske Bank has been represented in Hamburg. Galliano Bankers Ltd., Gibraltar's oldest family-owned bank dating back to 1855.

Their results showed that the fossil evidence for the Theropithecus presence was constrained to a range between .9 and .85 Mya.

Similar dates have been obtained through previous studies on the Cueva Negra cave in the same region of Spain, which contained evidence of early human (The authors of the study suggest that the presence of the same species of Theropithecus, including Homo, at about the same time in North Africa, coupled with the absence of Theropithecus fossils elsewhere in Europe, supports the hypothesis of a dispersal of the two primates (Theropithecus and Homo) through the Strait of Gibraltar almost 1 million years ago.

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Iain Davidson has received funding from the ARC, AIATSIS, and the Wenner-Gren Foundation.There are magnificent panoramic views from the summit of the Rock of Gibraltar which dominates the territory as well as being home to the famous apes.Visitors are assured of breathtaking scenery, wildlife and architecture.The Bristol Hotel is ideally placed in the heart of Gibraltar, and offers a wide range of activities during your break in the local area.Absorb the culture at The Gibraltar Museum, visit the...He is affiliated with UNE (Australia), Flinders University, Arizona State University, and the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

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