Garrys mod not updating


Gmod is set to be a tool for easily installing and updating mods without having to mess around in the folders and files of the game.The kickstarter campaign sounds rather promising, although they are still a long way from their ,000 goal.There is a trending issue with Garry's Mod when your mods from workshop will stop working and will no longer load in-game, and in main menu addon list, it will say "Nothing Found".This issue isn't exclusive to Garry's Mod and is happening to multiple other games with Steam Workshop support, such as Left 4 Dead 2. Some people claim that setting the date and time on the computer (and/or in BIOS) to the correct one ( i.e. If that doesn't work, your best bet is to contact Steam Support.Find returning non Lua files in the directories table when used with the LUA path FIX Fixed Entity: Set Custom Collision Check and Entity: Set Should Server Ragdoll not being able to reset their values FIX Fixed NPC kill achievements not working FIX Fixed broken eye flexes and NPC blinking FIX Fixed sounds not playing at all when close captioning is enabled FIX Fixed lag compensation causing players to drift away from the vehicle they are driving FIX Fixed Player: Kill Silent not forcing players to exit vehicles, making them stuck dead FIX Fixed util.Is Valid Model false-positives, large smokestacks from HL2 can now be spawned FIX Fixed materials/gm_construct/$surfaceprop2 FIX Fixed some addons not being able to be extracted.

Query will now cancel the query UPD Mesh() now accepts a material as its first argument, should be the material the mesh is intended to be rendered with UPD Adjusted addon file extension whitelist UPD file.Please note that subscribing to Dupes, Saves and Demos will not work and the game will automatically unsubscribe you from Dupes, Saves and Demos.Game Changes FIX Fixed physgun constantly trying to drop and grab a prop its owner is currently standing on FIX Fixed ammo box not working on the HL2 jeep FIX Fixed HL1 prop_breakable gibs not spawning FIX Fixed incorrect model for HL1 barnacles FIX Fixed HL1 grunts not dropping the right items when killed FIX Fixed HL1 sentences not being loaded FIX Fixed Msg C ignoring first argument if it’s not a color FIX Fixed bone merging causing the local player to be rendered twice FIX Fixed crash with CNav Area: Get Closest Point On Area FIX Fixed an exploit related to running console commands through the chat FIX Fixed crash issues with Player: Kick and Player: Ban FIX Fixed slight rendering artefacts when drawing rounded boxes at low alpha FIX Fixed scripted weapons not working correctly with the baseclass system FIX Fixed scenes not always being properly loaded from VCD files FIX Fixed secondary ammo indicator not showing up on the default HUD FIX Fixed HUD pickup notifications occasionally causing errors before the local player becomes valid FIX Fixed func_tank not turning and not firing tracers in multiplayer FIX Fixed clients attempting to fire their active weapon while holding a prop or controlling a turret FIX Fixed CLua Particle: Set Next Think not working as intended FIX Fixed DTVars transmitting way more data than needed when updated FIX Fixed dynamic AI node links causing some HL2 maps to crash after a cleanup FIX Fixed gmad and gmpublish not being shipped for OS X and Linux FIX Fixed Avatar Image panels rendering 184184 avatars incorrectly FIX Fixed file.Delete can now delete empty directories UPD Updated launcher(hl2.exe) icon UPD Reduced maximum DTVar count to 32 UPD NWVars have been greatly improved and are now a viable alternative to DTVars UPD Updated most default spawnicons UPD Moved to Garrys Mod/bin UPD now runs properly UPD Restored Closed Captions UPD Users now automatically unsubscribe from Demos, Saves & Dupes UPD Improved serverside performance of Player. Unique ID now returns 1 in singleplayer on client too UPD Improved performance of server workshop addons when extracting the addon UPD Prevented people from putting fake servers to server list UPD Blocked more console commands/variables to prevent servers from running potentially harmful commands on clients UPD Changed VERSIONSTR global to YYYY. DD to avoid confusion NEW Added Phys Object member to Physics Collide collision info table NEW Added EFFECT: Physics Collide hook to scripted effects NEW Added SND_* sound flag enums NEW Added Entity: Is Solid() NEW Added smoothed rendering to Avatar Image NEW Added Entity: Use Trigger Bounds(enable, bloat=0) NEW Added missing CS: GO icon NEW Added a bunch of requested headers to HTTP request results NEW Added some missing MAT_ enums ( MAT_GRASS, MAT_SNOW, MAT_DEFAULT ) NEW Added chat.First of all: A few people have emailed me saying that they get an error when joining an online game, it crashes when starting a single player game or the physgun doesn’t grab stuff.It was working fine, until something happened, i dont know, but when I start up Garry's mod it will say my online status is In-Game Garry's Mod for about 2 seconds then will say online and GMod wont open.

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